Open Urban Platform
Open Urban Platform

One of our Smart City assets is our OPEN URBAN PLATFORM, which has already been implemented successfully in several countries and cities worldwide. The platform is open for 3rd parties and cloud based. It consolidates and translates the diverse data into actionable intelligence by using analytics and algorithms for decision-making and automation.

With the Open Urban platform (in accordance with DIN SPEC 91357) we enable the processing of urban data from various heterogenic sources of data, especially sensor data. Our platform is therefore an „IoT –platform” for urban areas. We are integrating public as well as private sector infrastructure, in order to provide new possibilities for applications free of charge or chargeable. Due to its interface architecture, our platform compiles various data sources in real time, which are already collected and used in different city locations.

For instance detector data from traffic lights or measuring of emissions.

The data is pre-processed and made available for subsequent applications and services through integrated components. This way in-house and third party applications can, independently of their origin and technical interface, use the available data and apply it for innovative services.

Our platform enables with its architecture and operational model a near-unimpeded availability. The open and structured access to freely available databases of public authorities is an important contribution to the development of a knowledge-based society.