CEO and Chairman

Cemal Selçuk Oral completed his education in Germany. With extensive experience in project development and investments in both the Turkish and and international arena he established Endeks Holding in 1996. He is CEO and Chairman of Endeks Holding and Group companies.

Board Member & VP

Nalan Oral completed her education at Marmara University and New England College. After 12 years of experience at İhsan Yardımcı International Shipping Trading as Chairman, she has been Board Member of Endeks Holding and Group Companies since 1996. She has also been Chief Executive Officer of Maxore Mining since 2008.

Board Member

Uğurhan Karaca is graduate of Ankara University-Law school and a member of the Ankara Bar Association. In his 22 years of experience, he served at the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Under Secretariat of Treasury for 5 years. He acted as legal advisor for BOT (Built Operate Transfer) projects and project finance transactions. In the private sector, he provided legal advisory in asset management, mergers and acquisitions. He is Board Member since 2008 at Endeks Holding.

Board Member

Aykut Ferah who completed his education in Vienna, has been a Board Member of Endeks Holding since 2011. Prior to that, he worked 12 years as Founder and Manager of Red Bull Turkey and has been in the energy sector for the past five years.

CSO (Chief Officer Strategy and Business Development)

Mevlüt Uysal graduated in 1996 with economics at the University in Cologne, Germany. Since 2014 he is a member of the executive management team and is responsible for the Holding company’s strategy & new business development. He is well experienced in the TIME markets and finance sector and is specialised in building ecosystems combining the old industry & new economy in different sectors.