Smart City solutions aim to develop and provide on a short, mid and long term basis more efficient, more safe and more sustainable urban living environments to their citizens and visitors based on an infrastructure ecosystem.

The holistic approach includes the four pillars of comprehensive development – institutional, physical, social and economic infrastructure. Governments typically build up an example Smart City and then replicate this Smart City idea in various cities and regions of the country.


Smart Governance
Smart Government
Office Strategy and Policies
e-Goverment Systems
Social and Public Services
M/E-Healthcare Services
Digitalisation, Home Infotainment & Digital Signage
Smart Urban Planning
Smart Building
Smart Home
Smart District Control
Smart Mobility
Smart Transportation Systems
Smart Traffic & Parking Systems
Smart Infrastructure Systems
Smart Environment
Energy Management
Water Management
Waste Managment
Security and Control
Unified Access Control (Real-Time Monitoring & Smart Incident Reporting Data Centers)
Disaster Recovery
Fire Alarm Management


Endeks Holding and Group Companies offer state of the art ICT technology, including solutions and the expertise to create a Smart City vision and transform the planned Smart City idea into Smart City reality.

Endeks Holding Smart City mission and vision

Our Smart City initiative involves a holistic Eco-System Solution. We design, plan, implement and operate state-of-the –art technologies, which support digital transformation.

One of our Smart City assets is our SMART CITY PLATFORM which has already been implemented successfully in several countries and cities worldwide. The platform is open for 3rd parties and cloud based. It consolidates and translates the diverse data into actionable intelligence by using analytics and algorithms for decision making and automation.

For cities to become SMART CITY ready, Solutions and Services are a must-have. We can integrate existing Solutions and Services, local solutions or the Services and Solutions of our partners. Among our focus is to make the communication between our platform with 3rd party Solutions and Services as smoothly and efficient as possible.

As Endeks Holding we offer some of he Solution & Services right from the beginning of the project. Our Solutions & Services are with proof of concept and already running in many countries/cities around the globe.


Smart technology solutions help cities to sustain growth and improve efficiency for citizen welfare and government efficiency in urban areas in the future. Instead of working with so many Smart City Solutions and Service Partners all-in-one solutions would be a better alternative.