Endeks Financial Management focuses on strategic investments in various sectors. Projects cover regional territories within Endeks and Group Companies´ focus region. With a unique vision and perspective, Endeks Financial Management develops projects and explores new opportunities at all stages of growth.


PPPs can be defined as long-term contracts for financing, construction, set-up and operation of infrastructure projects and services between a private party and a government entity. These arrangements allow to build a consortium consisting of private and public companies and or agencies. At the end of the contract, control of the project is usually returned to the public company, government, or a local authority. Especially while working on government tenders, PPP models are a possible way of financing the project. With strong ties in the financial industry, Endeks Holding can offer different financial and service models.


Endeks Financial Management focuses on merger and acquisition deals, identification of potential project partners and project financing. Upon requirement Endeks can also assist in project resource planning and project management as an equity and/or solution partner.

Under the Endeks Holding umbrella, Endeks Financial Management partners work with institutional investors and investment banks in Europe and in the USA.