Energy is of vital importance and any investment into energy solutions will make our future better. We’re seeing a trend towards energy saving as well as on power generating solutions. New solutions and products are valued depending on their climate friendliness and high efficiency.

Endeks Holding is active in the following energy sectors:

LED Lighting and Streetlight
Manufacturing Poles
Renewable Energies
R&D Services


B-SmartLed is a group company of Endeks Holding A.S.
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B-SmartLed is designing, developing and producing various LED products and solutions with European Engineer teams to guarantee the high expectations of our national and international customers for quality.

B-Smart Streetlight series are state-of the art solutions. In our view, streetlight solutions have to be SMART! as only intelligent solutions offer additional benefits for streetlight solutions.
B-SmartLed is offering an intelligent Streetlight solution:

  • FANARLED is a B-Smart Premium version with Italian Design and produced with German technology. These LED luminaries are starting with 2.000 Lumen and can be equipped on demand up to 22.000 Lumen.
  • This premium solution is „Made in Germany“ and SMART CITY READY.


Change the face of a street, district or city with B-Smart Street Light Poles. Our B-SmartLED portfolio offers high quality Street Light Poles and Masts. To satisfy customers‘ needs we offer tailormade design and high quality production in Turkey.

We offer our customers the highest level of service and multiple customising options. With a choice of raw materials and a flexible manufacturing process we can deliver a highly customised design. Starting in 1984, we offer products and services in our 17.000 m2 company near to Istanbul, Turkey.

You are welcome to visit us at our manufacturing site.



Solar energy produced by high tech solar panels is an ever-growing market. Solar panels convert the sun’s light into usable solar energy using N-type and P-type semiconductor materials. To maximize the energy production the panels have to be innovative (newest standard), reliable, flexible, have redundant connections and offer low peak cell temperatures. Additionally the panels have to be resistant to the harsh & hot weather conditions in our target regions.

Together with its solutions partner, Endeks Holding offers cell technology systems which excell through a high-level of energy output and low maintenance cost.


Among renewable sources wind power systems have developed to prominent suppliers of electrical energy.

Endeks Holding partners with leading wind turbine manufacturers which offer high-tech wind energy solutions.


With our Hydro manufacturing partners Endeks Holding delivers sustainable technology for energy generation. All relevant components are produced in Europe. We offer project support from planning up to implementation of Hydro energy solutions.


To optimize and work on new, innovative solutions in the energy sector we collaborate with science institutions to develop practice oriented technology that solve the problems of customer needs. The research team offers services ranging from proof of principle on a lab scale to piloting and implementation of projects. Moreover we also focus on innovative design to establish our brand in the market.