From CEO

We established Endeks Holding in 1996 to evaluate our years of experience both on national and international platform in the most convenient and useful way. In this voyage, we have remained loyal to our core values of unification, unity, simplicity, honesty, confidentiality and responsibility without changing our mission, which generated our success. With our each expert partner in their field, management team and skilled professional team, we evolved Endeks Holding into a powerful group of companies with a clear differentiation from its international peers. We have always worked to be “the very best”.

As we entered the 21st Century, the World is moving towards a new structure where entrepreneurs and investors are joining forces, and the values of trust, continuity, dynamism, knowledge, and quality are more emphasized than ever before. Endeks Holding, as a credible investor group, has the mission of maintaining the highest standard in this new world order.

Keeping our minds young we continuously invest in our people as well as in our infrastructure to maintain the level of excellence. We closely monitor the economical, financial and technological developments in the region and in the countries we operate in order to sustain our competitive advantage.

We always work harder to achieve better results, adopt new emerging technologies and innovations, in order to adjust to the modern and dynamic structure of the World’s changing realities while keeping our route of continuous growth.

I would like to extend my innermost gratitude to our shareholders who believed in us, to our employees who have excellent work ethics, to our suppliers who worked with us according to our service standards for a long time, and to our customers whose satisfaction have always been our top priority.

C. Selçuk Oral
Founder, Chairman & CEO