Since 1996, Endeks Holding A.S. and Group Companies focus on different strategic investments. Diversification and innovation is the key for our success. Our cultural values, our flexibility and partners help us to catch up the future trends to develop new products and services.

Endeks Holding and Group Companies always prioritize:

  • Ethical values
  • Environmental awareness
  • Social responsibility


Business Standards of Endeks Holding

Endeks Holding and Group Companies are focused on investing, building, and operating businesses that utilize world’s resources sensibly and make our region a better place. We combine expertise achieved from international projects and decades of experience as a multisector company.

Building “bridges“ between different business cultures

When working on international projects one of the challenges is to overcome cultural diversity. Through its international expertise, one of Endeks‘ strengths is its ability to react on this and offer appropriate solutions.

Our cultural and ethical values are based on:

  • Teamwork
  • Responsibiliity
  • Integrity
  • Passion

For operations in the national and international area, Endeks Holding and Group Companies rationally evaluate new investment and partnership opportunities that create synergy and set ground for its continuous growth.